Action packed weekend ahead

A quick overview of the calendar for the coming weekend

If you check out the calendar you can get the details of the exciting competitions happening this weekend.

Firstly the cadets are off to Sophia, Bulgaria for a huge competition.

In the women’s events we have 15 competing in a huge field of 192 and 2 teams out of 35 entered.

In the men’s we have nearly the full quota with 19 out of a whopping 221 and 2 teams out of an entry of 42.

There are, of course, links to the entries and all the details by clicking on the entry in the calendar. Give it a go.

Click on the event to see more detail and more links to open

If that weren’t enough there is Gruenwald (Munich) U23 which is really an Open and a major selection event for the Germans.

We have a mere 2 out of 81 in the Men’s event and another 2 equally intrepid traveler sabre fencers in the Women’s field of 45.

One the home front The Sussex Open, run by Dominic Farrer has 26 men out of a maximum of 28 due to fence on Sunday with, at the moment – and it’s not too late – just 7 out of 21 possible in the women’s event.

And to round off the weekend of sabre action we shouldn’t forget the U14 girls and boys going for England ranking points at the Hertfordshire Combat Centre.

Best of luck to all involved

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