Sabre delights in store for the first weekend of December

Snapshot of the unfiltered calendar

As you’ll see we have a lot on this weekend for all lovers of Sabre.

The Juniors are off to Sosnowiec (pronounced Soss, no, vee, ets) in Poland.

There are links to the results for most competitions on the calendar. Just click on the comp and you will easily find a link to the results.

You’ll also see we have updated the calendar for selection points and competitions in Cadet, Junior and Senior categories so you can now see the whole season and how it all fits together.

You’ll see the Surrey Intermediate and Novice as it is open to all in those categories. Hampshire is not open to those outside the region so we don’t have it in this calendar at the moment.

We’ll be bringing you updates on Facebook as and when we can.

And don’t forget, if you’re a parent or spectator at the Hatfield LPJS you can do a Level 1 introduction to refereeing course without disrupting your support of your children! The course is built to be flexible around your needs.

Happy following and very best of luck to all competing everywhere and thank you to all the organisers and coaches and referees and armourers and caterers and many others for making it all happen.

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