Sabre Club Own Rankings Proposal

We are proposing to set up a non official Sabre Club Ranking system aimed at those not trying for a place in GB or Home Country squads. Or at least not yet.

If you carry a NIF of 6 or above it is not relevant to you but you might still like to comment on the idea and give some advice.

What’s special? You will know the strength of the competition – so how many points you will get – when you enter it with no surprises.

Why are you telling me? Because we’d like your feedback.

How do I give feedback?

Go to the proposal and then leave constructive feedback using the big red FEEDBACK button please.

Or use Messenger if you prefer.

We would like to hear from Competition Organisers and Clubs and Fencers.

Depending on the feedback the proposal may well change or even be withdrawn.

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