GB Women’s senior sabre team climbs two places to 19th in World Rankings

Getting that 16th place finish in Athens has made a difference for the young Women’s senior sabre team.

We say senior, because that’s the age bracket they compete in, but in fact they are rather young. In Athens the ages of the team members were 17,22, 22 and 24 so three of the 4 are still in the U23 bracket. Click on the pictures will take you to the full tables.

Meanwhile the Men remain in 17th place with only Tbilisi taking place so far this season, and GB not fielding a team at the event.

The next events are Istanbul (new on the calendar) for the Women and Budapest for the Men. Both teams fence on 20 March, but over 1,000 km apart and with no official GB coach or support for either event.

However, at least the team entries will be paid for from generous donations to The Sabre Club Charitable Foundation and we look forward to following their progress and cheering them on at both events.

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