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GB Senior teams have been in action today. The women were disappointed not to get past Romania and into the L16 again but could not quite find the form they showed in Athens and Tbilisi. But progress is definitely being made by them as a team and we believe in them. They took time out to say thank you to the donors who made their team entry possible. You’ll see from the brand new GB Teams page that GB have all too often not even sent a team to competions in recent years. If we are to get anywhere this cannot remain the case. Both the women and the men pay their own expenses. We have at least managed to pay their entry fees to lighten the burden and to show them that we care about their amazing efforts in representing their country.

Here Maria, Alex and Sophia stop to say thank you for your support before their disappointment in exiting the competition earlier than hoped in Istanbul and ending up in 19th place. Nonetheless this will add to their World Ranking points and help them with their future seeding. The women’s team is still very much on an upward trajectory. We believe there is plenty of talent in the squad and their persistence and dedication will pay off.

In Budapest the GB men had a tricky start against Belgium, with some evident nerves as they sought to avoid an equally early exit. But they came through the challenge to go on to face Germany in the last 16. The eventual bronze medalists proved just a bit too strong for the young GB team.

The highlight of the day was a superb victory over Canada 45:43 with a storming performance by Will Deary to come from 6 points behind to win by 2. This would not have been possible, though, without the whole team holding the line and keeping the gap low even when it looked like it might grow to 10 in the final 3 bouts. You can see the Instagram feeds on the home page if you want to get a feel for the excitement.

Despite losing to Japan in an attempt to finish in the top 10, the men still held their resolve, kept their morale, and pulled together to beat Georgia in their final match of the day, securing 11th place overall. This equals the best GB men’s World Cup result since May 2017 in Madrid, where the team, featuring a youthful Will Deary, defeated Japan 45:44 and then lost to Georgia 35:45 to finish 10th.

Will Deary, Barney Halliwell, Nick Howes and Luke Haynes (Left to Right) say a big thank you to the team’s supporters and donors.

To celebrate the senior teams’ continued efforts and achievements we have published a new page on the website just for them. Check out previous results and current team members on the GB Senior Teams page.

Well done Teams!

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