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Last 32 for Dan Twine in Vienna

GB sabre fencers in Vienna and how this feeds into your very own fencing biog.

Congratulations to Dan Twine and Jasper Tsao for getting over to Vienna to compete in the EFC U23 event there. Particularly well done to Dan for making the L32, narrowly losing out 14:15 in the fight for a place in the L16.

There was a strong Italian contingent among a number of countries including Hungary, Czech republic and, of course Austria in a field of 57 starters. No British Women made the trip.

You can get all the details here

What’s more, you can get the match by match details of this and Birmingham International and the Cambridge Winter Open if you click on the competitor’s name. Wherever we have had access to the competition files we have uploaded them to add to each fencer’s biography.

This is the sort of thing you will see – try it with your own biog!

Then click on the name of the person you are interested in – let’s take Dan for this example – and that opens up their biog. This is the overview tab. Low and to the left is where you want to be 🙂

But we can look at bit deeper – how has he done in head to heads in the competitions recorded? If the organisers have given us the xml file, or we have extracted it from online results, you’ll get a picture like this:

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