Calendar updated for known Junior events and Senior Satellites

Hi, we’ve been busy updating the calendars for you with what we know so far about the coming season. Juniors looks fairly complete. Cadets – we are waiting a bit as BF are currently updating the GBR calendar. We have added in the Cadet and Junior Europeans as this is currently missing from the BF smartsheet calendar but is know as far as dates go.

Selection points will be added shortly.

For non nominated events you need to apply to enter and we have included links to the required forms.

Hope that is all helpful and apologies to those who subscribe to the calendar for the bombardment with new events as we added them all.

If that is a bad thing please let us know and we can turn off the emails for these major updates. We can’t do it on an individual basis, so sorry about that. We would if we could.

We are actively looking for an even better calendar plug-in to allow you to subscribe by category – Junior, Senior, etc. This one should have done that, but doesn’t and won’t 🙁

Don’t forget to look around the website. Under Fencers you’ll find the different age groups and their specific calendars which all link to the master calendar.

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