Calendar update

We’ve been busy

The calendars have been updated with all the events we know about up to the beginning of February 2023 as it stands.

There will definitely be some events coming in which fall in that period but which are not yet published.

As we get more details we will publish them.

The calendars are not perfect but you can subscribe to them so you get the updates and don’t each individually have to go trawling through various sites and calendars to keep up.

If you do subscribe it is easy. Though sometimes annoying if an event is duplicated and then removed as an email is automatically sent out even if we don’t want it to be. So apologies to the subscribers who will have seen a bunch of IWAS country events “Cancelled” as in fact this is because someone (me, Peter Howes – still living so still learning) was stupid enough not to just update the name when the City details were added to the IWAS calendar. For instance Pisa instead of Italy. Sorry about that. The actual events are still there but the calendar is no no longer cluttered with duplicates.

Also a couple of events have changed dates so you need to pay special attention to the third weekend in October.

The RAF Open has been added but we are awaiting information on which event is on which day as this does not currently show up. If you don’t want to have to look out for that and other things, subscribe to the calendar 🙂

N.B. We will never sell your data or anything like that.

Happy fencing everyone!

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