Calendar update

Hi all you keen sabre fencers. We got distracted and have updated the calendar for you.

Those of you who cleverly subscribed so we do all the trawling for you, will have got the updates straight to your email.

The rest of you will probably wise up sometime as this saves you a load of time and effort. Or at least that is the idea.

Does it cost much? No.

How much? Nothing for you as the sabre club has committed financial backing for the next few years.

Isn’t it using donations to the charity which owns it? No.

So, if you want to save yourselves some time please feel free to subscribe to the sabre club calendar and even to put a link to it on your club website. We won’t mind. In fact we’d be rather pleased.

Where is it? Here

I subscribe to the website and get these posts but don’t get the calendar updates! Why?

Not everyone might want to see the calendar updates so you have to subscribe to that separately using the subscribe button just below the calendar. Or maybe it’s because I haven’t worked out how to do that for you 🙁

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