Rankings update

U14 England rankings updated for latest LPJS results

Updated U14 England Sabre rankings

All that effort in London has not gone unrewarded. Well done everone. Check out the latest rankings and who got how many points via the sabre club U14 page. We could take you straight there, but then you’d miss out on all the other stuff on the website 🙂

You’ll see the whole list of the competitions that count so far this season. You’ll also see their weightings and can access the points key easily too.

If you click on the link near the bottom left of the rankings page you will see the ranking scheme on the England Fencing website.

There are a few more competitions to go this season – U14s ends in December each year – so don’t miss out.

Subscribe to the calendar and you will get updates to the competitions as they come in so you don’t have to keep searching to see what is new. There is at least one to be added to the calendar and that will be added shortly.

If you do go, quite reasonably, via the England Fencing site, please do be aware that you might see the 2021 rankings first. What you need to do is simply change the season at the top as illustrated in the screenshots.

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