Super Sabre September

With August drawing to a close it seems like a good time to look at what is happening in September – the traditional start to the fencing season.

One look at the sabre club calendar tells us there is loads (technical term) going on.

The first senior Satellite will take place in Iran

There is a Cadet and Junior A BRC in Nottingham

Welsh fencing hold their closed veterans championships

The Cadet and Junior National Championships take place in Nottingham.

WARNING if you want to represent GB this season at Cadet and Junior you MUST do the Nationals unless you have an exemption.

At senior level you also have the Shropshire Open and the Hampshire Open and the Highland Open

Pisa holds the next IWAS World Cup event and Sofia holds a senior Satellite while many veterans will be enjoying themselves in their biggest event, The Veterans Winton Cup at the same time as the youngsters battle in out at the LPJS in Hertfordshire.

Good luck to everyone. Get those entries in if you haven’t already and don’t forget to send us photos on FB or Messenger or reference us on Insta.

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