Calendar update

U23 comps added to the calendar

As you will all be busy trying to plan your competition season, you will be very pleased to hear that another part of the competition jigsaw puzzle is now in place.

The EFC (European Fencing Confederation) has added the planned sabre U23 events to their calendar and we have added them to yours.

U23? What do I care!?

Well U23 EFC events are actually OPENS and provide fantastic development opportunities as well as fairly decent ranking points (ranking scheme soon to be published we were told earlier today)

So if you filter the calendar for senior, U23 or Junior you will still see these competitions as we consider them potentially relevant to you.

There are some clashes with Satellites and other comps – see the calendar

So you’ll have to plan carefully.

The calendar entries contain the links you need to enter using the BF smartsheet.


Of course, if you subscribed to the calendar you would get this all comp by comp into your inbox! So let us make your life easier and subscribe to the calendar itself.

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