What is The Sabre Club?

The Sabre Club is your club to bring you all together thanks to your and our mutual love of all things sabre and our desire to promote the sport of sabre fencing for everyone.

So what’s the legal form?

We are a limited liability company, registered number 12384648. From 24 October 2021 the company’s total share capital of £100 was transferred to The Sabre Club Charitable Foundation which is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO), registered Charity number 1189637.

At present the sole director of the company is Peter Howes, who is also a trustee of the charity. He reports on the company’s business to the other two trustees on a quarterly basis.

The company was dormant for the period from its formation on 3 January 2020 to the transfer of ownership to the charity on 24 October 2021.

While the charity is confined to receiving donations and making grants, the company can engage in commercial activities to support the charity. As it is a 100% subsidiary all distributions (dividends) will be passed up to the charity and these will reduce the tax burden on the company.