There are many many sabre clubs in the UK. Some are small,some relatively large but whenever one of their fencers enters a ranking competition they have the chance to score points for their clubs.

Here we present you with our very own club ranking tables which automatically update as the underlying individual rankings are updated.

Compare your club with another or see who’s the top scorer in a club.

CadetCombinedU17 Women onlyU17 Men only
JuniorCombined U20 Women onlyU20 Men only

What do they show?

The rankings combine the rankings points gained by the fencers of each club – both men and women – for that age group.

By clicking on the detail you can see who scored how many points for each club and where they scored them.

Below the club ranking you will find the list of fencers ranked by their contributing points.

Each year we will be celebrating the top clubs and the most improved clubs.