Countries, regions and counties

Each country within British Fencing is different and runs its own courses and national competitions and has its own teams at, most notably, The Commonwealth Fencing Championships.

The countries also send squads abroad once or twice a year at the lower age groups – U15 mostly. This is changing a bit as there is now an U14 age group in Europe.

England Fencing has an U14 England Ranking. The sabre rankings are compiled for them by The Sabre Club.

Scottish Fencing, Welsh Fencing and England Fencing each have their own Youth Championships.

Within the countries there are regions. You need to know what these are and where to find them if you want to qualify for things like the British Youth Championships (BYC’s) which have age group categories U12, U14, U16 and U18.

There are also regional championships at Senior and Youth levels. The seniors are usually used for qualification for the relatively new GB Cup which is aimed at intermediate fencers via a range of restrictions and basically parallels the BYC’s in format. The Regional Youth Championships usually double as the qualifiers for the BYC’s.

At the next level there are counties, many of which have their own championships – some totally closed and some open but with the county trophies going to fencers affiliated with the county.

Confused?? Hardly surprising!

You can find an Excel file with all the details we could find, including webpage links in the downloadable file below.

Links to the Country websites are below

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Welsh Fencing

Scottish Fencing

Northern Ireland Fencing

Guernsey Fencing

Jersey Fencing