Sabre Club Own Rankings

PROPOSAL 6 December 2021

This page is for The Sabre Club’s own Rankings.

The events are Sabre Club Own Rankings Events (SCORE)!

These are not British Fencing rankings and are not used for selection.

Who is eligible?

They are for Senior Men and Senior Women so you have to be 13+ to qualify, just as for any senior open event.

You have to be outside the Top 40 Men or Top 25 Women (in other words carry a NIF for BF rankings of less than 6).

But you can enter any domestic competition you like to accumulate points.

They are for you to gain Sabre Club Ranking points from domestic competitions where you know exactly how many points you can achieve regardless of how many people turn up.

There are 3 categories of competition and each has a different strength factor.

Competition typeStrength factor
What is an A competition?

This is a competition which has traditionally had a high NIF count with many of the top fencers attending. We would expect there to be professional refereeing throughout and proper (roll out or metallic) pistes laid down for all rounds. The L16 onwards should be refereed by Level 3 qualified referees or Level 2.5 with video refereeing.

Winning an A competition would give you 500 x 20 = 10,000 points as explained in the section on points further below.

What is a B competition?

The majority of competitions will fall into this category. There will be proper qualified Level 2 referees (or sitting the exams) for most of the competition with at least Level 2 referees for the L8. We don’t expect all pistes to be roll out or metallic. Historically the competition may have had a medium level NIF count.

Winning a B competition would give you 200 x 20 = 4,000 points

What is a C competition?

Basic refereeing level with some Level 2 referees present and possibly a Level 2 exam being taken by others. Last 8 refereed by Level 2 referees. Often categorised as Novice/Intermediate.

Winning a C competition would give you 100 x 20 = 2000 points.

So what points are available?

The ranking system uses the same multipliers as the British Fencing system as per the table below

So for 1st place in an A competition you would take 500 x 20 = 10,000

If you were the top eligible fencer and came 10th, then you would get the points for 10th – so, for a B competition that would be 200 x 9.40 = 1,880 points.

Is there a cut off for points?

No. All places score points so you are rewarded for turning up and doing the competition.

What’s the point of the system?

Many fencers don’t aspire to selection for Great Britain or their Home Country but do like to fence and compare themselves with others.

It is annoying to enter a competition thinking you will get decent points only to find the top fencers (who carry high multipliers) have pulled out.

Where can I see my ranking?

The rankings will be updated during the week following the competition and published here.

Where do I find a competition and what category it is?

All competitions included in The Sabre Club Ranking will be in the calendar and also be tagged with their category. You can also apply the filters in the calendar to see just the competitions you want.

What about plate competitions at big events?

The plate competition for those knocked out in the first round of a big event will count as a C category competition in its own right. So you could end up getting points from the A competition AND from the C competition all on the same day.