Rankings update

The cadet and junior season so far

Want to see how the Cadets and Juniors are doing so far this season?

Look no further. Rankings based on just this year’s results so far are here

So you can see who is in form and who is yet to really get going.

You will also find the U14 England rankings on the same page.


Calendar updated for known Junior events and Senior Satellites

Hi, we’ve been busy updating the calendars for you with what we know so far about the coming season. Juniors looks fairly complete. Cadets – we are waiting a bit as BF are currently updating the GBR calendar. We have added in the Cadet and Junior Europeans as this is currently missing from the BF smartsheet calendar but is know as far as dates go.

Selection points will be added shortly.

For non nominated events you need to apply to enter and we have included links to the required forms.

Hope that is all helpful and apologies to those who subscribe to the calendar for the bombardment with new events as we added them all.

If that is a bad thing please let us know and we can turn off the emails for these major updates. We can’t do it on an individual basis, so sorry about that. We would if we could.

We are actively looking for an even better calendar plug-in to allow you to subscribe by category – Junior, Senior, etc. This one should have done that, but doesn’t and won’t 🙁

Don’t forget to look around the website. Under Fencers you’ll find the different age groups and their specific calendars which all link to the master calendar.

Rankings update

Updated U20 and U17 Sabre Rankings (unofficial)

Now that the GB Sabre World Championship action is over – and what an exhausting 3 days it has been! – it is time to look at what it might all mean for the end of year rankings.

We have gone off the published multiplier of 600 on the British Fencing GB Calendar.

If you go to the Rankings and Biogs page you can quickly go to the rankings.

In essence the Carry Over to next season is 35% for the Cadets and the Juniors is a rolling ranking with some Cadets coming in with 10% of their cadet ranking. It’s complicated.

According to the rules, the new season rankings should be published by British Fencing before 4 May 2022. No later than 30 days after the end of the season, which ended with the Cadet and Junior World Championships respectively.

Given that the detail of the start of season Cadet rankings requires results from the BYC U14 Boys and U14 Girls, to be held on 2nd May and 30th April respectively, we think they will have done very well to get the start of season cadet rankings out on time. It’s certainly possible.

Enjoy this year’s rankings!

Well done to everyone who went and competed and also to those of you who are just building up to your first ranking competitions at this level.

Don’t forget there are non GBR ranking competitions available all year round, including LPJS, Youth Series and now Yorkshire Youth Challenge to compete at.

The England U14 rankings – there isn’t a GBR wide U14 ranking – continue through to December of course.

Competition update GB Teams upate

GB Sabre Squads head to World Cadet and Junior Championships in Dubai

GB are fielding a full squad of 4 at Junior and 3 at Cadet for both Men and Women with some selections being added since the initial BF announcement.

First up, and opening the Championships are 156 Men and 129 Women in the Junior (U20) Sabre events on 2 April.

Women’s and Men’s Junior Squads with their current World Rankings (not really indicative due to a very disrupted season)

On 3 April it’s the turn of the 93 Women and 97 Men Cadets (U17)

The GB squads are (there are no world cups at this age group so no world rankings):

Finally, on 4 April we have the Junior Team competitions – there is no Cadet Team competition at the World Championships.

The teams can sometimes differ from the individuals (though not for sabre this year) so we show them here with their world rankings and associated points.

Find out more about the individuals and the teams’ achievements to date by visiting their new dedicated Cadet Teams and Junior Teams pages. There you will find past achievements as well as links to the fencing biographies of this year’s team members.

Best of luck to all!!!

If anyone going would like to send photos, videos or comments, please send them to or via Messenger so we can better bring it all to life.

Competition update Rankings update

Updated U14 England Rankings, Truro LPJS results and next chance for U14 points

The results are in for the Truro LPJS

Thank you to Joanne Bennett for sending them through to us so promptly.

The results of the U13 events have been linked to the U14 England rankings, which we are proud to provide for England Fencing.

Don’t forget to enter the next U14 England ranking event, part of the Youth Series – both U12 and U14 age groups count toward the U14 rankings – U12 with a multiplier of 1 and U14 with a multiplier of 2.

You can find more details and your own U14 Calendar on the dedicated Sabre Club U14 Page. There is a link to Sport 80 from the event in the Calendar so you don’t have to go searching about too much. This should open in a new tab for convenience. Entries are still open. The next event is in sunny Manchester!

Happy fencing!

Club rankings Rankings update

Club rankings go live!

Which is the most successful club? We’ve heard the rumours. We know the claims. But what about the data?

Now you have the answers.

We have published our first Club Rankings on our brand new Club page.

The rankings compare clubs so you can answer the questions

What is the most successful women’s club at cadet level?

And men’s?

What about combined?

U20 combined?

We can combine any of our published rankings in a combination to suit your curiosity so do let us know if you want others.

Maybe combined U17 and U20? No problem. Just let us know.

Happy browsing Sabre Fans!

Rankings update

Rankings revised for reduced Euros multipliers

You can find your latest rankings – modified in line with BF’s published rankings with multipliers of 600 for all the European Championship events as opposed to the 1000 stated on the GB calendar.

Rather than wait for an explanation – they are clearly very busy – we’ve just gone ahead and changed them so you can see all your information in one place nice and easily.

Competition update Explainer

How teams are seeded at Cadet Euros

You will know by now that GB’s women have a bye to the Last 8 and are seeded 5th. France are seeded 4th so they fence eachother. But how are these seedings calculated?

Great Britain has a seeding total of 60.009 because the 3 fencers with the best placings came 9th, 20th and 31st. 9+20+31=60. The best placed fencer was 9th so that is added on to the total as .009 to give 60.009. The lower the total, the better the seeding.

You can see that the highest placing of an individual fencer in the team is also important. When you compare Germany and France – they both add up to 36 but Germany’s Nitschmann (who incidentally put out Melissa Jane in the 64) came 3rd whereas France’s Chabrol (who put out Lexie Craze in the 16) came 7th. Thus Germany have a total of 36.003 and France have 36.007 and so are seeded lower.

Competition update

Cadet Euros 2

Get to know the team and follow them live

Click on the image below to go to the results

Get to know the 4 young women fencing sabre for GB in the Cadet European Championships on Saturday, 5 March. Click on their names to go to their fencing biographies.

Results link

Livestream link

Competition update

Cadet Euros 1

On Thursday 4 young men compete in the individual sabre at the European Cadet Championships in Novi Sad. You can follow them live by clicking on the picture below.

But what do we know about them and what do they look like?

Click on the pictures to see who they are and go to their Ophardt biographies.

Team coach is Fran Whalley and there are also a number of personal coaches there, though not as many as wanted to go.

Best of luck and good fencing to them all!

#gbcadetsabre #gbsabre

Results link