Rankings update

The Stratford LPJS is over. The U14 England rankings are updated.

There were U11, U13 and U15 age groups again with some new competitors at this weekend’s Leon Paul Junior Series event hosted by Shakespeare’s Swords in Stratford-upon-Avon.

The U13 age group results count towards the U14 England Rankings.

So, without delay, we have updated them for you to enjoy. Thank you to Calum Wilson for sending us through the results so quickly.

Find out who has moved up and who has been caught up and who the new entrants are by going to your U14 page where you will find the link to the U14 rankings.

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Rankings update

The Camden LPJS is finished. The U14 rankings are done.

There were U9, U11, U13 and U15 age groups with lots of new competitors at this weekend’s Leon Paul Junior Series event hosted by Camden Fencing Club. There were especially large numbers of new competitors from Whitgift School where the head coach of the school, Ian Williams, is also head coach of Camden.

The U13 age group results count towards the U14 England Rankings.

So, without delay, we have updated them for you to enjoy.

You’ll see that Hui Xin Sezille still tops the rankings for the girls – she was actually on international duty in Godollo, Hungary this weekend at the huge cadet competition, where she came 28th in a huge field of over 200 fencers from 20 different nations. At the same competition, Emily Fereday came 63rd, Maya Sutton 68th and Maryam Wooten 180th. This is one of the toughest U17 competitions, so to be competing at their young age and doing so well is absolutely amazing.

On the boys’ side, the rankings are topped by Henry Learner who was victorious in the Camden LPJS

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Rankings update

The cadet and junior season so far

Want to see how the Cadets and Juniors are doing so far this season?

Look no further. Rankings based on just this year’s results so far are here

So you can see who is in form and who is yet to really get going.

You will also find the U14 England rankings on the same page.

Calendar update

Plovdiv satellite is now in Sofia

For anyone thinking of entering the Bulgarian Satellite competition on 24-25 September – It’s actually in Sofia not in Plovdiv as originally posted. The FIE have updated the competition but BF have not yet done so, so please be aware.

We haven’t updated the sabre club calendar yet either 🙂

Calendar update

We’ve been busy

The calendars have been updated with all the events we know about up to the beginning of February 2023 as it stands.

There will definitely be some events coming in which fall in that period but which are not yet published.

As we get more details we will publish them.

The calendars are not perfect but you can subscribe to them so you get the updates and don’t each individually have to go trawling through various sites and calendars to keep up.

If you do subscribe it is easy. Though sometimes annoying if an event is duplicated and then removed as an email is automatically sent out even if we don’t want it to be. So apologies to the subscribers who will have seen a bunch of IWAS country events “Cancelled” as in fact this is because someone (me, Peter Howes – still living so still learning) was stupid enough not to just update the name when the City details were added to the IWAS calendar. For instance Pisa instead of Italy. Sorry about that. The actual events are still there but the calendar is no no longer cluttered with duplicates.

Also a couple of events have changed dates so you need to pay special attention to the third weekend in October.

The RAF Open has been added but we are awaiting information on which event is on which day as this does not currently show up. If you don’t want to have to look out for that and other things, subscribe to the calendar 🙂

N.B. We will never sell your data or anything like that.

Happy fencing everyone!


Cairo 22 – GB Sabre – Women

With the Women’s individual sabre event kicking off on 17th July at the Fencing World Championships in Cairo, and now that the excitement of the men’s qualification round is over, it’s time to meet the GB Women.

If you like the photos for the men, you should like these ones even more 🙂 we’ve stuck with our policy of using the official photos at the time of writing.

As for the men, let’s go in FIE ranking order.

Caiti Maxwell

Caiti, currently ranked 142 in the World as a Senior and previously as high as 7 as a Junior (2018/19). Caiti is the 6 time British Senior National Champion (2016, 17, 18, 19, 21 and 2022 with no event in 2020), first winning the title in 2016 when she won the British Cadet and Junior National titles as well for a clean sweep. In 2019 Caiti took a stunning Bronze medal in the individual event at the European Junior Championships in Foggia, improving on her L8 finish in Sochi the year before. There’s lots more, but that should give you the basic idea.

This season, Caiti has made one L64 finish at a Grand Prix and two L64s at World Cups but had a very disappointing (for her) European Championships in Antalya, placing only 50th.

Caiti, now 23, will be representing GB at the Senior Worlds for the second time, having also fenced in Budapest in 2019 in addition to appearances 3 times as Junior and twice as a Cadet.

You can get much more detail from Caiti’s FIE biog and her Ophardt biog.

Maria Chart

Maria Chart, twice British Junior National Champion and 4 time silver medallist in the Senior Nationals, is now 23 and currently ranked 210 in the World and reached as high as 43rd as a Junior (2016/17). This season Maria achieved 41st at the European Championships in Antalya. Before Lockdown Maria made two L96s at Grands Prix – in Cairo and Seoul in 2019.

Maria represented GB at the Senior World Championships in Budapest in 2019 and at World Championships on 4 other occasions as a Junior and as a Cadet.

You can find out more in Maria’s FIE biog and Ophardt biog.

Sophia Potter

Sophia Potter is currently ranked 246 in the World was British Cadet National Champion in 2017 and a bronze medallist at the Senior Championships in 2019, when she also took third place in the Junior Nationals. This season Sophia made the L96 at the Istanbul World Cup in March 22 but was disappointed to have to settle for 54th at the European Championships in Antalya in June.

Sophia, 22 years of age, has represented GB at World Championships three times as a Cadet and a Junior. Cairo will be her Senior World Championship debut.

Much more detail on Sophia’s fencing career can be found in her FIE biog and Ophardt biog. We should acknowledge that Sophia updated her profile on the FIE site, but that came too late 🙂

Alex Davis being shy?

Alexandra Davis is currently ranked 250 in the World and doesn’t have an official picture, a fact which we choose to respect. Alex came close to a L96 this season, finishing 106th at the Athens World Cup.

Alex, now 25 has a best result of 8th at the British National Championships (2021) but did not compete this year. This season Alex has picked up Gold at the Leon Paul Open in London, Silver at Birmingham and Bronze at the RAF Open in Cosford.

Alex will be making her World Championship debut in Cairo having made her European Championship debut in Antalya where she placed 60th.

More details of Alex’s fencing journey can be found in her FIE biog and Ophardt biog

Competition update

Cairo 22 – GB Sabre – Men

The Fencing World Championships take place in Cairo this year from 15 – 23 July.

Who’s going for GB?

Well, the men’s event starts at 13:00 local time (GMT +2) on 15 July so let’s start with them in order of their FIE ranking.

Will Deary

Will Deary is current British Champion (for the 3rd time) and ranked a career high 36 in the World in the Seniors. Former World No 1 Cadet (2013/14) and World No 9 Junior (2016/17), Will, now 25, has been fencing since the age of 10. You can see his FIE biography and also his Ophardt biography (includes non FIE events to the extent they are in the system and so extends on the FIE biog to some extent)

Recent results include a fantastic L16 in the Tbilisi World Cup in January 22, a 21st place in the Padua Grand Prix in May 22 and 28th at the European Championships in Antalya.

Will has represented GB at World Championships on numerous occasions, coming 7th in the Juniors in Plovdiv in 2017 and 28th in the seniors in Budapest in 2019 while also representing GB at Senior level in 2017 and 2018.

JJ Webb

JJ Webb, a former British Champion (2016) is ranked at 112 in the World, courtesy of a L16 (15th) finish in Antalya at the European Championships. JJ has been ranked as high as 61 (2017/18) but it is no secret that the focus this year has been on rehab and staying as fit as possible through an injury blighted season, during which he did not compete internationally until the Padua Grand Prix in May. In previous seasons JJ, who is now 26 and took up the sport at the age of 11, has achieved a L64 finish at the Warsaw World Cup in February 2020, a L32 at the 2019 European Championships in Duesseldorf and other L64 finishes in 2019.

JJ has been in World Championships squads for GB almost constantly since he came 11th in the Cadets in Moscow in 2012.

JJ’s FIE biography and Ophardt Biography give more detail of course.

Barney Halliwell, second in the most recent British Championships, and currently ranked a career high 138 in the World and formerly as high as 39th in the Juniors, will be representing GB at a World Championships for the first time at Senior level, having fenced in the U20 Worlds in Torun in Torun in 2019 and also in Verona in 2018 where he was part of the junior team (Howes, Edwards, Suddards, Halliwell) which came an agonizingly close and amazing 4th! Barney also made the L32 in the individual event in Antalya (22nd).

Barney, now 22 years old and whose older brother and sister are also sabre fencers, came 22nd at the European Championships in Antalya this year and achieved a L96 (69th) at the World Cup in Madrid in May.

Barney’s FIE Biography and Ophardt Biography give more detail.

Luke Haynes

Luke Haynes, currently ranked 222 in the World, is representing GB at his first World Championships, having also been in the team for the Senior Euros in Antalya (40th) and the U23 Euros in Tallin (24th) this year. Luke was also part of the Senior team (Deary, Halliwell, Haynes, Howes) who achieved a remarkable 11th place in the Budapest World Cup this year to temporarily boost the team’s World ranking to 17th ahead of the European Championships.

Luke’s FIE Biography and Ophardt Biography give much more detail.


Calendar updated for known Junior events and Senior Satellites

Hi, we’ve been busy updating the calendars for you with what we know so far about the coming season. Juniors looks fairly complete. Cadets – we are waiting a bit as BF are currently updating the GBR calendar. We have added in the Cadet and Junior Europeans as this is currently missing from the BF smartsheet calendar but is know as far as dates go.

Selection points will be added shortly.

For non nominated events you need to apply to enter and we have included links to the required forms.

Hope that is all helpful and apologies to those who subscribe to the calendar for the bombardment with new events as we added them all.

If that is a bad thing please let us know and we can turn off the emails for these major updates. We can’t do it on an individual basis, so sorry about that. We would if we could.

We are actively looking for an even better calendar plug-in to allow you to subscribe by category – Junior, Senior, etc. This one should have done that, but doesn’t and won’t 🙁

Don’t forget to look around the website. Under Fencers you’ll find the different age groups and their specific calendars which all link to the master calendar.

Competition update Explainer

Last 32 for Dan Twine in Vienna

Congratulations to Dan Twine and Jasper Tsao for getting over to Vienna to compete in the EFC U23 event there. Particularly well done to Dan for making the L32, narrowly losing out 14:15 in the fight for a place in the L16.

There was a strong Italian contingent among a number of countries including Hungary, Czech republic and, of course Austria in a field of 57 starters. No British Women made the trip.

You can get all the details here

What’s more, you can get the match by match details of this and Birmingham International and the Cambridge Winter Open if you click on the competitor’s name. Wherever we have had access to the competition files we have uploaded them to add to each fencer’s biography.

This is the sort of thing you will see – try it with your own biog!

Then click on the name of the person you are interested in – let’s take Dan for this example – and that opens up their biog. This is the overview tab. Low and to the left is where you want to be 🙂

But we can look at bit deeper – how has he done in head to heads in the competitions recorded? If the organisers have given us the xml file, or we have extracted it from online results, you’ll get a picture like this:

Rankings update

U14 Rankings updated

Following on from the FB post of the Manchester LPJS results, we have great pleasure in letting you know the U13 results have been added to the England U14 rankings. You can find them via the U14 page.

When you access the competition you will only see the U13 results for now. The other age groups will be added later next week but we have prioritised the rankings for the weekend 🙂