Vets – a force to be reckoned with

British Veterans Fencing has its own well run site including, as you’ll see, a very good calendar.

There is also a growing European Veterans Circuit which gives you a European Ranking If you look at the rankings, hosted by Ophardt, you can see loads of useful information including fencing biographies (past results history, photo, medal record and so forth).

European Veterans Fencing can be found here and continues to have significant British involvement as you will see.

At Home Country level there is also England Veterans Fencing though we can’t find a site for it and presumably the same for the other Home Countries.

These might be important for entries to the Veterans Commonwealths and also for Home Country veterans matches.

There are plenty of opportunities for fencers aged 35+ to fence abroad. The UK currently only does 40+ for vets but most of Europe does either 30+ or 35+ so we will be creating a 35+ calendar for you to use.

To give you a sample of what is available, here is a short slider on the trip to Liege 22 by 2 young Vet men and their coach. The last slide has videos of some of the action.

Tony Emmanuel Emmanuel Emmanuel George

Further abroad you’ll find you are welcome in places like Hong Kong where they have a thriving Vets Association with some familiar faces.